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So- after 10 plus years of making wedding flowers- it is now my turn…. So what on earth will I make for my wedding?

Make your own I hear you ask? - yes indeed - I would be an ACTUAL nightmare to any flowery friend to give them the mammoth task of making the flowers for my wedding… currently I feel pretty calm… ask me the first week of July if this is in fact a good idea!!

We have chosen a venue that gives us lots of time before the big day itself to decorate (this was on my mind as he dusted off his knee after the proposal I might add… how can I possibly make all of my flowers????? was thought number one after the initial shock of being asked).

Hillfields Farm if you haven’t heard - is a little gem tucked away in the Lower Basildon/Streatley borders. All will be go go go once the keys are in my hands.

So flowers….. as a rough estimate - I have tackled maybe 500 weddings owning Croppers in Bloom - possibly double that in various guises of freelancing or working for others…. So what will I be choosing?

One wedding from September 2017 really sticks in my mind - beautiful creams and grey foliages. Astilbe, astrantia, “Alabaster” garden roses, dahlias,freesia, veronica, lissianthus, three different kinds of eucalyptus,and just divine trailing ribbons to match.

Another - from the June 2018 - coral peonies, “Blackberry Scoop” scabious, fountain grass,red astilbe, pink phlox, plum astrantia and various deep burgundy grasses…. It really popped.

Another stunner - this time Quicksand roses, green lissianthus, three different kinds of eucalyptus, white hydrangeas and freesia………… I liked it so much its now on my wedding fair flyers center stage…..

Or do I go super zingy - as it’s a July wedding – there is an abundance of choice…….Do I go down the “I raided the meadow” look, and pop a mixture of seasonal loveliness together?

One other stand out wedding from last year - an exotic mix of protea, calla lilies, grevillea foliage amongst gardeny delights of antirrhinum,chrysanthemum blooms, scabious seed heads, astilbe and stocks? Something that I really really liked - mainly down to the bold mix of colour and texture…. Also the fact that the bride had AMAZING taste in everything… venue, dress, flowers- all venue styling looked FAB!

The long and short of it is… I love flowers…. all of them….. some more so than others…… but I can’t possibly have them all.

I shall keep pondering… and toying with different combinations in the workroom…. And all shall be revealed in approximately 115 days!!!!!!

Wedding Flower Trends 2019

Whats going to be fashionable this year when it comes to wedding flowers? According to Caroline from Bloom & Wild’s "Fragrant garden roses, stocks and sweet peas (in whimsical and rustic shades) are some of the most popular summer blooms set to appear in a big way..."

Expect to see Nudes and Ice Cream Pastels such as pale pinks, blush and taupe flowers being the most popular choices and increasingly replacing classic white blooms as a bride’s wedding flower of choice.

Flowers such as Peonies (if you're planning your wedding between April-June) are a timeless wedding choice, and are very versatile, fitting into either a formal affair or a more rustic garden party.

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle last year has made structures such as extravagant arches, floral chandeliers and hanging flower hoops a popular choice.

How to find your perfect florist?

I would advise going to visit a number of flowers shops, and see who you click with. Like with any wedding or event supplier- you will need to liaise with them a fair bit in the run up to the date in question… so someone who has the same vision and passion for your big day is essential. Maybe phone ahead and see if they prefer you to make an appointment- or if they welcome you dropping by.

Ask to see some examples of their previous work- your event may not be at the same time of year as the time you are searching for a florist- so the selection of flowers to choose from may vary a tad. (Says she who is talking to three December brides this week in July!!)Lots of flowers are available all year round- but you may want to consider seasonal blooms to keep costs down. If you have the luxury of a year or more from the date in question- pop into your florist a calendar year away to your event to see what’s in season.

What makes a good selection of flowers?

I would say get all of your ideas in one place… whether that be Pinterest, a spreadsheet, mood board, or old fashioned cutting pictures out of bridal magazine- anything from your dress (if it has been chosen), bridesmaids dresses – (or colours you are very likely to pick for them), venue, flowers you have liked in bunches you have bought before….anything wedding related. That way your florist can see lots of facets of the day…. And can suggest and build up suggestions accordingly. I like to have a preliminary chat with a big discussion of the theme, then get some physical samples of the flowers mentioned to you here in the shop in person- that way I can literally almost make a mock up bouquet for you. For lots of brides this is the best way to actually visualise what will be arriving on the day, and a great chance to check if dresses match or blend with your flower scheme.

My next snippet of advice- IT IS YOUR DAY- . If your theme is a rustic barn, with a relaxed feel- by all means we can pop together a host of different blooms to achieve a more informal look. Some of my recent bridal bouquets have had in the region of 16 different flower materials used… which is huge! But only a snippet of each, to give this feel of just picking a quick bunch on the way to the church!! Or some have kept it super simple and just blended two or three of their favourites together. My job is to help you achieve the look you want…and I can suggest what is in the colour scheme you need, what is in season, and most importantly- what is in budget!


Don’t underestimate the power of foliage.. it can transform a theme into something spectacular. Right from uniform ladder looking palms and ferns, to fluffy lime alchemilla mollis. Flowers are stunning, but foliage sets the scene for the flowers to leap out from.


We have pretty much had it all in the nearly 10 years of me owning Croppers in Bloom… from Lego Wonder woman in the bridal bouquet…. To carving pumpkins for table displays….at the end of this month I shall be doing the same with pineapples…. Airline theme- as they met and got engaged on a plane… Decorating dog ring bearers…. And more notably- realising just how high a marquee ceiling is when it needs decorating… but that’s why I love what I do- no two days are the same, and neither are two weddings or events.

If I can be of any help for your event- please don’t hesitate to get in touch- I love what I do- and I hope it shows.


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