Hello all, just a little advice from our team if you have recently attended a wedding fair, and you feel confused.

As a supplier- I see the same look often- it says- “help I feel overwhelmed!”…. You are all asking me the same question- “Have I booked this venue for the wedding?”- “What date have you booked?”- “Do you have a colour scheme in mind?”… I just don’t know….

Well- understandably- your wedding is a huge event…. You are inviting your nearest and dearest…. It has got to be right. It always comes together- DO NOT PANIC! After exhibiting at Ufton Court for a number of years now- I can whole heartedly recommend this lovely West Berkshire venue as a cracking place to get married. I have attended as a guest as well as provided flowers as a preferred supplier- so I have seen both sides of the coin. Such a versatile venue with a charity at its core, and a highly dedicated team of wedding co-ordinators… you are in safe hands.But whether you have booked Ufton Court or not, choosing a venue can be difficult- do you want a hotel? Do you want a barn? What is the capacity? Do they have accommodation? So many things to consider… on the flowery front- I can advise you the most.

I would strongly advise chatting about your flowers once you have ordered and have a swatch of material for your bridesmaid’s dresses (if you are having bridesmaids that is!). That way- you know what colour you are matching in with, or indeed using as a background for your flowers to leap out in your photos. Otherwise- you may have the best of intentions to have a dusty pink, or silver dove grey… but you may fall in love with a heavenly lavender blue? Then your flowers choices may not match. Navy has been a strong contender for recent bridesmaids- and really works with coral shades, as well as peach tones…. See some lovely pictures below…

If you are not having bridesmaids- I would advise using seasonal blooms. This will be a cost effective way of getting lots of flowers featuring at the wedding, as well as making sure your flowers will be strong and on top form for the big day. It isn’t impossible for us to say source you tulips in August as a florist- but what you will find is that they are smaller, and more expensive than in their natural and best season. So if your heart is set- it shouldn’t be impossible- just brace yourself for a slightly higher price per stem.

I would also advise you compiling as many images and samples of flowers and bouquets that you like prior to any appointment with a florist (hopefully me)… as it really give us a good feel for what you like, and also more importantly don’t like. And often, you find a theme emerges. Whether it be seasonal blooms. Or a focus on foliage. Or a multi-coloured swap shop that looks like you have raided an allotment on your way to the venue. Then after a first chat is the time to reflect on the quote, and make any alterations accordingly. Remember- most brides give us florists on average 18 month – 1 year’s notice…. So these blooms are not even growing yet- you have time! Then- if you have the luxury of a year before the big day- pop into your florist to see what is around the time of the year you are getting married- there may be a little gem, a nice and strong and seasonally available delight that catches your eye.I always like to show brides a physical sample of the flowers they have chosen for their wedding. Sometimes these lovely airbrushed photoshoots for magazines and Pinterest show flowers in a stronger hue that real life- so you can be assured that on the morning of the wedding you know you will be in love with your flowers. The way I see it is, no two brides are the same, and neither will their weddings… Croppers in Bloom is not a wedding factory. I endeavour to interpret your theme and accent the day with flowers. Flowers I have helped you choose and know you will love.

People often ask what I would have at my wedding… and it is a difficult one for a florist to answer… I love it all…. (can’t I get married on the wholesaler’s lorry… that means I have it all?!) but until that day comes- I am still a kid in a sweet shop…… decisions decisions!!! I sympathise with all you budding brides and grooms.

FOOTNOTE AND TOP TIP (and take this from someone who had their bridesmaid’s dress shut in a car door as soon as it was purchased- no one say oil stain in my presence please)- get a sample of the dress colour you are matching with from any hardware shop that has paper swatches for paint samples… and keep the dress safe in a dress cover at home. Take the piece of paper with a close match of the colour with you in your bag or purse, so nothing untoward happens to any dresses prior to the wedding.

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