Flower Puzzles is a newly released free game for iPhone, iPad and Android (although the Android link didn't work when we tried it, boo).

The developer says: "Flower Puzzles – is an art puzzle game that you never played before. It is exciting! Over 1,500 flowers were photographed to make this app for you. It is relaxing as well as a great brain training! Play now & feel yourself calm and rested! What can be better than making your own bouquet! Flower Puzzles is a unique & addicting game for boys and girls, adults of all the ages and experience levels. Great for air and train travel!"


◘ Five difficulty levels from Easy to Hard
◘ Over 170 puzzles
◘ No WiFi or internet connection required! You can play offline anytime anywhere!
◘ Great quality HD graphics and high quality flower photos
◘ There is a surprise with every puzzle!
◘ Relaxing music


◘ Share your bouquet with friends & family in one click sending it with the note to email or your messaging app!

◘ Make a print, mug, key-chain, cards or calendar of your favorite bouquet!!

Download the Apple iOS version here

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