Hello all - just to show you a fun flowery display inside a pumpkin for October. Can I also apologise in advance for any sneaky items on my desk at the time of photographing the step by step stages for you.

Anyone with a tidy desk in the florist world is clearly to be admired!

I would advise when choosing your pumpkin, find one that will stand up straight- rather than one that lists to one side.

Items you will need:

  • a block of wet oasis for cut flowers
  • a small portion of cellophane
  • a knife
  • a spoon mixed flowers
  • foliage


1. Carefully cut a round opening into the top of the pumpkin, and remove the lid.

2. Using a spoon scoop out the seeds leaving a gap for the oasis.

3. Cut a small sheet of cellophane and lay it over the top of the pumpkin. Then with your hand push the cellophane into the hole in order to create a barrier between the wet oasis and the walls of the pumpkin

4. Soak your block of oasis thoroughly and cut into shape to fit snugly into the pumpkin. Make sure that there is some oasis proud of the hole you have cut by approx. an inch (2.5 cm)

5. Trim away excess cellophane to the edge of the oasis inside the pumpkin and begin to place in a selection of foliage. The more mixed foliage you use, the more rustic it will look. Make sure most of the oasis is concealed by your foliage

6.Pop in desired flowers- keeping to the boundaries of your greenery, evenly spacing material so you have a blend of colours showing from every angle.

7. Display with great joy your wonderful creation! Mist evenly with water over a sink every other day and remove any faded blooms to ensure the longevity of the remaining blooms.

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